Box Tarp
Complete Cargo Liner

Put Utility Into Your Vehicle

The Box Tarp™ removable cargo liner is the ultimate solution to transporting all types of cargo cleanly, safely and easily without the worry and inconvenience of damaging or soiling the interior of your vehicle.

Easy to use
The Box Tarp™ is easy to install and remove with no permanent attachments.

Designed to fit in any size SUV, mini-van or station wagon. Choose from either the Box Tarp™ or the Box Tarp Plus™

Great For Do-It-Yourself Projects
No need to put off over-due household chores, home renovations and yard work. The Box Tarp™ provides a practical, convenient and affordable means of transporting materials and disposing of clean-up waste.

Smart Investment
By putting The Box Tarp™ in your vehicle you'll get more out of it.