Box Tarp
Complete Cargo Liner

Perfect For Your SUV, Mini-Van Or Station Wagon
  • Complete Protection
    The patented cube-shaped design protects your entire vehicle cargo area: seat backs, side walls, floor and headliner, while providing a complete enclosure to contain dust and fully envelope your load for added safety.
  • Clever Design
    Ball bungees and suction cups attach to the interior windows, suspending the Box Tarp™ open for easy loading and unloading, while extended rear flap provides added protection for the rear bumper.
  • Reusable and Portable
    Quick and easy set-up and removal, folds up for convenient storage. Easy to sweep out and hose off.
  • Built to Last
    Constructed of tough polyethylene fabric (6.3 oz*), durable webbing and rust-proof grommets.
    * yellow version made of 5.4 oz fabric
  • Flexibility
    The loose fitting design allows you to transport loads of all shapes and sizes - from small and compact to big and bulky.
  • Setup Instructions
    Click here for instructions and safety information (324kb PDF)

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